An ambitious small business with a global need.

Managing payments efficiently is key for every merchant with ambitious growth goals. Having conquered already all major department and specialty stores all over Europe, took zero chances when developing partnerships to help fulfil their growth goals and decided to partner with Finabling to better manage their online payments.


A pro-active solution for a growing company.

With extensive experience in global e-commerce, and glad to be joining Pip Studio in their efforts to scale their business, Finabling took the role of a strategic enabler and helped optimise their online payments setup and increase their online sales. Following their tried and tested and step-by-step approach, Finabling started with getting an understanding of Pip Studio's webshop existing finance and payment setup and ran a Payments Scan.

As part of the Payments Scan, the Finabling team also perfomed a decline analysis and an assessment of the payment method reach in the major markets was active, getting, as a result, clear pointers of where they needed to focus on in terms of improvements.


Positive feedback and an increase in online sales.

After the period of intake and analysis, and soon after following up with implementing the quick wins, the results we're also quick to show up for

As a result of Finabling's efficient payments management, payment conversion on credit cards was increased with about 10% points, the payment reach was improved by adding new payment methods that match local payment behaviour and by actively monitoring and changing risk settings the webshop significantly managed down fraud.

Learn how you can scale with confidence with the right online payments setup.

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Over the years the Pip team has operated the business with a small team of creative and commercial people. From porcelain collections to homewear and much more, Pip Studio makes everyday products guaranteed to bring a sparkle to everyday life. With stunning designs and eye catching colours, their products are being sold in no less than 40 countries.