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With a combined experience of +40 years working in Finance, Treasury, Payments, Financial Automation, Marketing and Sales together we bring the right combination of knowledge, technology and talent to help online business owners and entrepreneurs enable growth by optimising Quote to Cash processes.

How we help

We assist you to create and implement a financial framework that will give you the financial insights needed for solid decision making

Meet the founders team

Gregory Cronie

Founder and Lead Enabler

Gregory is an experienced Finance and Payments professional with 20+ years of experience in commercial and financial roles. He has held senior positions with companies like ING and PayPal. In 2016 Gregory decided to follow his entrepreneurial ambitions and leave the corporate world. Gregory is passionate about using his knowledge and experience from the corporate world, to help startups and small businesses foster. This resulted in the founding of Finabling in 2019. Gregory is also a mentor at Startupbootcamp and advisor of startups.

When not working Gregory likes spending time with his family and friends and international travel. Gregory is a certified athletics trainer/coach and passionate about helping young athletes reach their potential.

Martijn Valbracht


Martijn Valbracht is advising companies on how to optimise their strategic and financial processes. He believes business process efficiency is undervalued and deserves more tender love and care. While many companies consider capital as the main driver for business growth, the importance of process efficiency is forgotten.

Martijn has helped many companies to grow. Ranging from small SMEs to large listed multinational companies. And has done so in different roles in consultancy, treasury, banking and financial services and as a project/change manager and can therefore consider a problem from different points of view.

Martijn lives in Haarlem with his family, close to the sea, making it possible to take his dog out for a beach walk. He likes to travel and puts effort into balancing work, family, friends and a healthy and sustainable way of living.

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