An internationally operating B2B SaaS scale-up

An internationally operating B2B SaaS scale-up, with an annual turnover of approximately EUR 100 million annual turnover and dominant position in their specialized product sector, was confronted with an inefficient quote-to-cash process that was significantly hindering their growth potential. Alongside this, they were navigating a complex and unclear payment infrastructure, a side-effect of their international growth through organic means and acquisitions.


A pro-active solution for a growth potential

We embarked on a detailed analysis of each task, examining the issues arising within each segment of the quote-to-cash process. This enabled us to pinpoint bottlenecks disrupting smooth operations, identify functional gaps, and understand their repercussions on the pertinent metrics and their interdependencies. Consequently, we were able to devise solutions and stipulate the functional requirements necessary for the implementation of these solutions. A similar approach was adopted to revamp the existing payment infrastructure. This comprehensive exercise allowed us to create an overview of what was required to optimize the jobs at hand and enhance operational efficiencies.

The outcome was a clear roadmap for an effective quote-to-cash process, including:
  • Practical solutions that are in sync with the company's business objectives
  • Detailed functional requirements

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